• Many first-time Hackathon participants have no ideas about what Hackathon actually is. Since most of the event pages don't clearly explain the process of applying, how to get start on the projects, or even forming a team with other participants. Here's we are. We provide the solutions for all of these problems by delivering all of the resources necessary that can help prepare both engineering and non-engineering students to make their ideas into reality.

What it does

  • Our website allows Hackathon participants to upload their previous and current Hackathon projects - code,images,videos...
  • Using machine-learning algorithm, we will output the most popular trend of this year based on different categories - API, language, theme.. that has been used by previous Hackers.
  • In addition, we will generate tags with different subjects to match project to users, user to projects, and user to other users.
  • At the same time, hackers will also able to find out more about upcoming hackathons in their local areas.

Challenges I ran into

  • Getting machine-learning algorithm to generate as many tags as possible.
  • Making our website automatically updated with upcoming hackathons events.
  • Efficiency - making the website to generated tags as well as trending datas as fast as possible.

How do i buit it

  • Main page: Sign in and sign out page
  • User profile page
  • Change your settings page
  • Upload your own project page
  • Other users projects page
  • Upcoming Hackthons in your local area page

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

  • Completed all of the parts that we're planning to do at the beginning.
  • Now, we adding some extra features to give users more choices.

What I learned

  • Great Ideas are worthless without execution.
  • Individual commitment to a group effort is what makes a team work

What's next for HackStatus - Implemented more features where users can comments and grade the projects they have seen and more points = top viewed of the list. Add the company who sponsored for the Hackathon, so participants can directly apply through our websites.

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