At every Hackathon, hackers wonder what to create. Should I make an app or a website? What prize category should I go for? Introducing: Hacksistant.

What it does

Hacksistant is the perfect tool to help hackers ideate, develop, and publish their hack. Hacksistant is designed to be the perfect tool to assist hackers, new and veteran, in developing a great hack at any hackathon.

How I built it

We used Google Assistant and Google Dialogflow to create a chatbot for the user to converse with. The user interacts with the chatbot and answers a few questions. Based on the responses, we created JSON objects representing that data. These JSON objects were stored in a Firebase database and then passed to an algorithm to match a Hack with the user. The algorithm took into account the user's skillset, goals etc. We used Keras and machine learning to train the algorithm to be more accurate, ensuring each suggested Hack was representative of what the user can do and want to do. Finally, Hacksistant was hosted on an HTML website.

Challenges I ran into

Connecting and synchronizing the data from the dialogflow with the matching algorithm.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We are particularly proud of creating something that we could use in the future. As returning hackers, we are always stumped over what to create.

What's next for Hacksistant

We could always increase the accuracy by continually increasing the training time with the algorithm. In addition, Hacksistant could be made to accept a larger dataset of information from the user to better match the user with a hack.

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