So I have been following NASA's launch of Perseverance and wanted to base my project over something like that. I also have been wanting to learn DENO on the side and decided to follow tutorials in order to build my own API.

What it does

The API that was built in Deno makes a request to NASA's Insight Rover api and grabs the weather information from the rover on mars. My API cleans up some of the data and sends it over to my rails app which will display the data on a home page and also allow users to send a text message with the data streaming over from the API.

How I built it

Deno for the backend/api Ruby on Rails for the frontend

Challenges I ran into

I originally had planned on the entire app being made in Deno, however I kept getting server errors every-time I tried to go to the welcome page. So I had to create the front-end in rails.

One of the things that confuses me is my API sends the information over to Twilio everytime I restart the server. So my app is sending texts only when I start up the backend server. I'm not proficient enough in Deno yet to understand why it's doing this.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I built an API in a language I had no experience in before this hackathon.

What I learned

So much with Deno. I can't wait to continue learning this language.

What's next for Hackside of the Moon

Add a form so users can sign up for daily sms updates from the rover. Fix the bugs.

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