Our project was inspired by an HOA member we know, who really does their best for their community. We built this website to help people who want to serve their community.

What it does

We have made an HOA Management system to make HOA needs simpler and easier to use. Across America, many citizens deal with issues surrounding organization with certain tasks to complete. Our project is a system aimed to fix that. In this project, we have included many different implementations to help manage an HOA system better and make many HOA member’s lives easier. This makes it easier for everybody in the community to work together.

How we built it

We used jinja, sqlalchmey, gmail API to create our backend.

Challenges we ran into

We did originally have trouble figuring out how to authorize an API. We also had a lot of issues with the frontend, which we eventually fixed.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  • Learning to use gmail API
  • Building frontend/backend ## What we learned
  • How to use jinja, python web hosting
  • Collaboration skills, github ## What's next for HacksHOA

We want to improve the Account System for people, so people can sign in to an account and view information. Additionally, we want to make it easier and faster to make updates for Residents to see on the website. We would also like to make it easier for people to schedule meetings and events for the community, and let people be able to edit and help set up meetings through the website. Lastly, we would like to run this more efficiently and set up a bigger server and a domain for it.

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