Rough starts lead to great achievements

We started out as a team of four but we could not agree on an idea. At some point we decided to call it off and without hard feelings just went on our separate way.

After some brainstorming and actual annoyance that we couldn't come up with anything worth coding, we were almost on the brink of losing all hope and just giving up. However, in a moment of inspiration, we thought about the Clarifai API and decided to try to ease people's lives a bit.

SO, our great 24 hour project has been an app that will take your photo, either taken from a phone or downloaded, whatever your preference is and will try to find out something tasty so that you can enjoy some nice recipes. We actually started coding 6 or 7 hours into the hackathon but after a huge marathon of just typing for what must have been more than 15 hours, I believe that we achieved the basic idea and not only.

Thus, as me and my teammate found out, you don't always start off on the right foot, but the important thing is to have fun and finish on the right one :).

Hope you like our idea, we really tried!

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