The Project

TL;DR A live notification list that takes from a variety of sites such as GitHub and Trello (and doesn't work as intended :/)


  • Fifth hackathon
  • Never used Node.js before
  • Although I'd taken something of a leading role within the team, I was flying blind since I'd never used Node.js before. I tried to use this project as a bit of a learning platform for all of us and a fairly easy intro to hackathons in general. Originally we were going to use the DragonBoard 410c to build a live notification display, but after four hours we caved on trying to get it to work and instead explored Node.js, where I wanted to get live udpates from various sites all at once. The end result bombed, but I feel like it's at least given the entire team some skills that they can take forward to future hackathons and projects.


  • First hackathon
  • Basic webdev experience from Code First Girls
  • Esther extended her basic HTML/CSS knowledge to learn to use Bootstrap 4. and I helped her build the basic template for the frontend of our project. She also learned how icon fonts integrate with HTML, such as Font Awesome, and gained some more understanding of how to use Git with the GitHub Flow in a team.


  • First hackathon
  • Mixed experience with Java, Python and other languages
  • As a bit of a fix for the Trello API (which was asynchronous by default), Jack had to learn to deal with this kind of code, eventually resulting in an API endpoint that worked just as well as the much easier GitHub implementation. Other than that, this was his first hackathon, so he learned a little about how the events tend to run.


  • First hackathon
  • Experience in C++ and Python
  • This was Shamis' first exposure to Node.js and most of Javascript. Her role was mostly exploring APIs that we could use, so through that she has gained a lot of understanding about those. This is a very good skill to take forward into future hackathons.
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