Our group did 3 projects tonight. This server load simulation, a robotics graph api, and a facebook web scraper. (finished), (Major progress), (switched to facebook API, progress made)


We are looking into startup costs for a new enterprise, and one of the requirements of that startup is cloud hosted servers. This simulation should indicate if we need more nodes / more powerful nodes or other hardware.

What it does

This simulates a

How we built it

We built it in java to allow simple parallelization, w

Challenges we ran into

Time and sleep needs in those 5 hours. Also facebook fought us every step of the way.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We started this simulation 5 hours before the due date, and managed to finish it. plus we all had cool other projects.

What we learned

Not to underestimate Facebook's countermeasures for web scraping. How to use facebook OAuth (we had three projects). Other team members learned rust and made a graph math library.

What's next for HackServerLoad

improved CPU simulation, more load balancing strategies, database servers, numa nodes, and real world cpu models, with real data collected on actual system load.

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