Unify: Helping those that Need it The Most

What is Unify?

Unify allows people to help those in need throughout their community and to request help from others when they need it most. Users can create tasks for others to see, browse existing tasks, and help resolve others' requests in exchange for points. Whether someone needs technology help for online classes, is running out of supplies during these trying times, or just needs someone to talk to, we've got their back.

Our Inspiration

Originally, Unify was designed simply to connect those who need help to those who wish to help. However, it quickly evolved into a social network designed to last beyond the current pandemic and inspire others to help people within their neighborhoods, cities, and beyond in the long term.

How does it work?

Users who enter the website create an account and have their information stored in a Google Cloud database. The database also holds information on tasks that users can resolve, including geographic location thanks to our utilization of Google Maps API. Users who create a task are able to view their past tasks and resolve them, rewarding the person who resolved the task with points.

How it was built

Technologies -Unify is hosted by the **Google App Engine web-hosting platform. -We stored user and task data into a Cloud Firestore database with Firestore API. -Google Maps API is incorporated to calculate distances between the user and tasks and filter.

Languages -HTML -Styled with CSS -Javascript

Challenges we ran into

-Dealing with asynchronous programming -Ghost text -Infinite page loading

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

-Being able to store user data and task information into a database -Using multiple asynchronous APIs using callback functions -Animations and other CSS techniques

What I learned

-How to use Google Services and their APIs -Database storage and retrieval -New programming languages

What's next for Unify?

-In-app instant messaging between users -Matching users that are near each other -Point spending system -Thumbs up/down system for people who complete tasks

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