Say you want to travel from place A to place B, if you're a good citizen on planet earth like the rest of us you'll naturally be concerned about how your fuel usage and thats where FuelAware comes in. FuelAware optimises your journey and also helps you conserve fuel and improve your fuel-economy, because we care about fuel.

What it does

FuelAware gets your destination and as you travel suggest how to travel, e.g.: how much to change your speed to optimise fuel usage or whether you'll have to stop to refill. The mobile app provides a more detailed perspective of fuel consumption

How we built it

Our car app is simple, HTML, CSS and JavaScript. It communicates with the android app and sends the relevant data.

Challenges we ran into

Our main challenge was to solve the relation between mileage and coming up with a formula that mapped speed to fuel economy

What we learned

We learned a lot about how the various aspects of fuel and how they relate with speed, throttle etc. Also we learned jQuery.

What's next for FuelAware

Data is power. With a large enough dataset of how various drivers use their fuel we can provide personalised route optimization to every driver regarding each of their cars.

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