I went to my first hackathon in January it was a both amazing and stressful! There were so many resources to sift through and decisions to make within our team. But I had an epiphany, why not gather all those resources into one nifty app, accessible to everyone on our team? And to top it off, we could even tailor it to each person's specific role. Genius, right? But I didn't stop there. I wanted to keep the good times rolling even after the hack, so I came up with the idea to create an app that would help us continue working on our team projects. And that's how the Devpost HRX app was born! It's the perfect sidekick for any hacker out there.

What it does

Picture this: You're at a hackathon and feeling a bit overwhelmed with all the tools and resources at your disposal. Fear not! Devpost HRX is here to save the day (and your sanity). It's like having your own personal assistant, but cooler because it's an app. With HRX, you can easily pick the tools you need for your role on the team. You can even learn about different applications and decide which ones to add to your HRX account. The Account view shows you everything you've selected to work on your project, chat with your team, manage your work, and even publish your project. And if that wasn't enough, there's even a category to help you create grant proposals and join startup groups. Devpost HRX is like the ultimate survival kit for hackathons - it's a "hack in a box" that has got you covered! Feel free to go all out and hack away to your heart's content. And when the hackathon is over, turn your project into a real product!

How I built it

So, I searched for all the cool resources out there and brainstormed what would be helpful to a stressed out hacker. Next, I busted out my crayons and sketched out some app ideas on paper before bringing them to life with the mighty powers of Adobe Illustrator and Figma. It was an adventure, but it was totally worth it!

Challenges I ran into

My first time using Figma was quite challenging! I spent hours watching videos and Googling "How do I..." more times than I can count. But hey, I made it through and came out on the other side feeling like a design wizard!

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I'm so stoked that I could take my Illustrator skills and transfer them to Figma. It felt awesome to see my idea actually working in an Android app.

What I learned

So, I got to know about some cool tools that Hackers use and how they can be used during a Hackathon. I brainstormed a way to get from the team formation step all the way through to submitting a grant proposal and reach out to startup groups.

What's next for HackRX

My ultimate goal is to make it easier for hackers to kickstart a business. I would like to dive deeper into startup options and include some cool features to assist hackers in launching their own biz right after a Hackathon.

Built With

  • figma
  • ilustrator
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