Health Budget Buddy

In today's world, we put a new-found high value on our physical and mental health. A large part of this comes from the food we consume. But with how busy our lives our, how do we make sure we're eating the fruits and vegetables we need?

Better yet, how do we even afford these things?

Health Budget Buddy was born from the desire to eat healthy, while understanding how to do so in the real world where our budgets and paycheck may not always support it. Not only will Health Budget Buddy help enable you to live a better life both physically and mentally, you won't have to drastically change your routine to do so.

We do this by taking small steps. This starts by adding fruits and vegetable servings to whatever you're currently eating for the day. With our app, you can capture up to 5 days of these servings based on how much you'd like to spend.

Better yet, you can even have this list sent to you via a text message. Next time you're in the grocery store, your list is right there for you.

Sign up today to start making small steps tomorrow.


  • Create a weekly shopping list of fruits and veggies based off of your USD budget.
  • See a list of overall produce list for the week.
  • See a list of produce divide by the days of the week including prices.
  • Send your budget to your phone using Twilio!

Future Features

  • Incorporate crowd-sourcing of produce availability and prices
  • Create a database of produce using MongoDB, which is both updated by crowd-sourcing and by scrapping official gov websites
  • Allow users the ability to repeat produce (currently each day must be unique)
  • Incorporate the ability to handle bulk produce (such as lettuce, etc.)
  • Allow users the ability to redo a specific day they don't like
  • Incorporate allergies and diet factors
  • Add user accounts with gamification
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