Our idea was to make a web application in which people can help each other. Crubber allows workers to 'bid' for a job put out there by a client. For example, if a person needed a plumber to fix their sink, toilet and etc., that same person will send out an alert of who exactly they need and their location will also be provided which is done through the Google API. Then, the plumbers/contractors will check on the web application to see if there are available jobs to bid for, and if there are, they will upload how much they are expecting to be paid, and who they are. Afterward, the client will choose who they believe is the best candidate to perform the service they want to get done. In order to create this web app, we used CSS, HTML, and JavaScript. We also used Amazon Relational Database Service provided by Amazon Web Services. Our team decided to host our app on the AWS EC2 server to appropriately adjust to the user traffic, whether it increases or decreases. The reason why we decided to create Crubber was because we wanted the service to come to the client, and relieve the stress that comes with trying to find an efficient and reliable contractor.

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