The original goal was to make a simple networked 3d game (e.g. an FPS) using Rust for the server and JOGL for the client. There were some complications (compilation time for LLVM+Clang, needed to generate bindings for a physics library; and quirks of the Java Swing framework). Thus, the end product is a java program that allows the user to navigate around a 3d rainbow (randomly-colored) sphere, and also emit motion events to the rust server, which narrates in the manner of a text-based adventure ("Player #3 moves forward -5 units") to standard output. Although the project was not able to be completed within the allotted time, it is still a success with respect to learning the Rust programming language. Specifically of note, a complicated threading structure is being used in the server, that uses channels (a generalized, type-safe variant of POSIX's pipe(2) system call) to allow the logic of the server to be seperated cleanly.

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