Our team was looking for ways to combine social media aspects with a learning algorithm, Clarifai.

What it does

The app has two main sections: event and personal photos. The user is able to upload images either to trending events or personal gallery. The images then are automatically assigned categories based on the Clarifai image recognition system.

How we built it

The front-end consists of HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript and Bootstrap, while the backend was developed using C#.NET as well as the Clarify JavaScrip API and Amazon Webservices C# Library.

Challenges we ran into

Significant challenges connecting to the Amazon Web Services and we were unable to fully utilize the service. In addition, many of our features were not able to be realized due to time constraints and delays in developing database.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Beautiful interface and layout, mobile responsive features, and ability to successfully use Clarifai features.

What we learned

We expanded our knowledge on backend and front-end development, as well as learned much about the services and resources available for web app development.

What's next for

We would like to continue working and expanding our project by focusing on event functionalities and integrating them into the user experience.

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