Covid-19 has caused hospitals to be extra busy, while clinics as other healthcare services are closed or have reduced hours of service. However, the demand for healthcare service do not decrease with it, and with the flu season coming up, the pressure clinics face will be bigger than ever.

What it does

Work & Flow is a scheduling software for clinical use that maximizes the amount of service that can be performed each day by the amount of healthcare workers available. It is intended to run on a server, and it makes individualized schedules for each healthcare worker on a daily basis. When a new appointment is added, the schedules are automatically updated.

How I built it

Written in c++ and incorporated with Qt for the GUI. The basis behind the scheduling is the classic greedy algorithm, and but there are additional functions and modifications that adapts project to its needs.

Challenges I ran into

Working with Qt, getting the Boost Library to work, and working with json files.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Overcoming the challenges above and building a working solution.

What I learned

More libraries and programs that can be used in combination with c++.

What's next for Clinic Timesaver

Making it accessible, and making it usable on cloud with a wider audience.

Built With

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