Crypto Creditor

Instantly verify academic degrees with blockchain technology.

Hack Rice 2017: September 22-24, 2017

Kunal Shah, Jack Duryea, Shashank Mahesh, Yorke Rhodes (all undergraduate Rice students) Contact emails:,,, Check us out at and take a look at the source code

The Problem

Existing solutions for verifying the integrity of academic degrees rely on redundant transactions by the middleman, costing students, employers, and universities unnecessary extra costs.

One example is National Student Clearinghouse, an online service that allows participating institutions outsource all academic verifications. It serves as a central hub for educational verification by businesses and other organizations. The inefficiency is in the timely and expensive process for students to send their academic credentials to employers.

Further, the Clearinghouse claims to save universities nationwide $750 million annually.

Our Solution

We've built a decentralized application on top of the Ethereum network to allow the secure and instantaneous validation of academic credentials.

Our solution uses the blockchain as a secure and immutable ledger of degree candidates and holders. Accredited universities are granted write access to denote candidates and degree holders and students can send specified academic qualifications to an employer using the student portal.

Why it's better

The Ethereum networks and the underlying blockchain technology presents an advantage in being decentralized from a lone authority. This makes the process of record keeping invulnerable to malicious attack or unwanted alterations.

The secure and decentralized record keeping process create a system of trust between students, universities, and employers.

Further applications

With revolutionary Ethereum Blockchain technology, we can ensure ultra-high security transactions of any kind of data from cash to academic degrees. This allows unprecedented levels of trust for security in record keeping.

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