HackrHub seeks to be the premier service provider for business and social coding interaction. By bridging the gap between students and professionals, HackrHub seeks to foster and sustain an organized, stimulating environment for the developing programmer. Our product will offer a centralized hub for everyone’s coding needs, from the typical hackathon attendee to the event organizers, even including software recruiters. Hackrhub provides a convenient solution to the issue so many coders have networking with the world around them. Through our app, programmers can connect with those around them to find the ideal teammates to help them achieve their goals. Those who wish to put on hackathons can easily notify the community about their events, and they can easily access the existent userbase to keep people informed and their events organized. Likewise, recruiters and sponsors can access the community to publicize their own companies and to help advance the coding community. Overall, this app benefits every aspect of the community, furthering society and preparing the world for a better tomorrow.

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