Our inspiration comes from the fact that we ourselves have been confronted with shopping cart abandonment for the following reasons: sales process too long or complicated, products in the shopping cart are not easily accessible. So, we thought of setting up a more attractive application.

What it does

With our solution, all the user's operations take place on a single page. This approach solves the problem of a long or complicated sales process. In addition, the addition of products to the shopping cart appears in a conversational agent (RapydBot) to give a quick view of the added products. The user makes his payment without redirection. The storyPay, gamingPay and adversitingPay implemented in order to improve the user's shopping experience.

RapydBot A conversation agent that actively reminds the user that they have products waiting to be purchased (flashing dot, message in modal when a product is first added).

storyPay presents the most popular items. The customer can buy these products with one click. Without a search, the user can buy the product he wants.

gamingPay Allows the user to enjoy discounts on purchases by playing a game. The advantage is to allow the customer to be entertained while buying products.

adversitingPay It is an advertisement displaying a product with a discount and disappears after a short time. This encourages the user to be active on the platform in order to benefit from product discounts.

How we built it

We researched the internet to determine the reasons for basket abandonment and the solutions to solve this phenomenon. We also took into account our personal experiences. These elements allowed us to build a unique payment experience that integrates gamingPay, a conversational agent, a storyPay and an adversitingPay.

Challenges we ran into

Understanding the Rapyd API. Integration of the checkout toolkit. The management of asynchronous events.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are proud of the way the website works (all in one page). Then the features such as the conversational agent (RapydBot), the gamingPay, the adversitingPay and the storyPay.

What we learned

First of all, thank you to the company Rapyd, for having organized this hackathon which was very beneficial to us. We learned several things. Among these things, we can mention: the integration of the Rapyd API, the creation and integration of storys, game, advertising in a website.

What's next for HackRapyd

For HackRapyd, it remains to customize the scenarios of the rapydBot, A custom administration page must be set up to add products and manage the website. Also, depending on the needs of the owner, changes will have to be made. Make the site more responsive.

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