We saw that lots of people were looking for a team to work with for this hackathon, so we wanted to find a solution

What it does

I helps developers find projects to work, and helps project leaders find group members. By using the data from Github commits, it can determine what kind of projects a person is suitable for.

How we built it

We decided on building an app for the web, then chose a graphql, react, redux tech stack.

Challenges we ran into

The limitations on the Github api gave us alot of troubles. The limit on API calls made it so we couldnt get all the data we needed. The authentication was hard to implement since we had to try a number of ways to get it to work. The last challenge was determining how to make a relationship between the users and the projects they could be paired up with.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We have all the parts for the foundation of a functional web app. The UI, the algorithms, the database and the authentication are all ready to show.

What we learned

We learned that using APIs can be challenging in that they give unique challenges.

What's next for Hackr_matchr

Scaling up is next. Having it used for more kind of projects, with more robust matching algorithms and higher user capacity.

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