Finding compatible partners for our first hackathon was difficult, and it seemed that a lot of time was wasted in randomly asking people what languages they know and what they could do to help. Once we found each other, we agreed that there was a far better solution - build an application to help hackers find teammates without the stress of actually talking to people.

What it does

Hackr utilizes the simple, split-second decision making process popularized by apps such as Tinder, allowing hackers to indicate their willingness to work with a particular person or team. Users create a short bio and include the type of project they are looking to work on, and the skill-sets that they possess. They thumbs up when they find people they're interested in working with, and thumbs down otherwise. Our algorithm matches people together based on these preferences, but the users make the final decision on whether or not to work with each other. When two hackers mutually select each other as a team partner, their contact information is shared, and the hacking begins!

How we built it

We used Django for the database and Azure for cloud storage and creation of the mobile application. We coded primarily in python, but additionally used mySQL and php for the database, and html5/css and some JavaScript for the front-end.

Challenges I ran into

Unfamiliarity with Django, lack of open source API or precedent for the application, extensive algorithm and logic hurdles, staying awake for many hours at a time.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Working with team for days at a time on this project, completing first real coding project.

What we learned

Javascript, Django, how to use Azure and Linode.

What's next for Hackr

Develop algorithms for individuals joining with partially formed groups, and adding personalized images of hackers.

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