We wanted to bring the all beloved PubQuiz to a Smart-Bar for Hackers. It will enhance the social aspects of a night out, getting people to socialize outside of their own friend-group and providing full evening entertainment.

What it does

Every quiz fan participates by simply scanning a barcode printed on their table. Through an intuitive web app the hacker provides basic and fun facts about themselves. These are then used by an intelligent Matching-Algorithm, shuffling together groups for each quiz-table. These groups are matched to maximize diversity and create interesting composition of hackers. (mood-color, age, etc.)

Once at the tables, users use their own, or a provided Android device, to access an intuitive UI for taking part in the quiz. From here on out, each group answers different trivia questions on the subject of computer science and hacking in a given amount of time. After each quiz, the winning team will be selected and get a round of shots or other alcoholic beverages.

How we built it

The entire Project is build in Java and Javascript. The registration - web app and the server-side matching system are implemented in Javascript, with Nodejs. The quiz-app is built for Android and the server-side quiz back-end is implemented in Java.

There are a number of network-connections, that tie the different parts together. These consist of tcp-Sockets on the quiz server/Android side, an http-request-based connection between the Java server and Nodejs server, and a websocket based communication used by the web app and the Nodejs server.

Challenges we ran into

Most of the challenges we encountered concerned the cross-platform communication part of the project. Especially the browser-side - web apps and the java server caused major incompatibilities because of used communication-protocols. This caused us to split the work to a Java- and a Nodejs server and build upon http-request-based communication.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Not once did any team-member have to re-clone our git-repo due to merge-conflicts! :D Team communication was awesome! We quickly decided on our project, had a great time brainstorming and finished almost everything on schedule.

Before we began coding, me made detailed concepts and diagrams, which helped us a lot in developing interfaces and dealing with cross platform communication. We were able to directly apply software development practices learned at university.

What we learned

A lot of progress was made on understanding cross platform communication and different communication-protocols. The most important thing we learned was: communication early on avoids lot of hurt in the long-run.

What's next for hackQuiz

We developed hackQuiz with expandability in mind. Tons of additional HackBar features can be integrated into our project. These include changing table color, music selection/voting, calling a bartender, browsing the cocktail menu and directly ordering from the table. Also there are a lot of Quiz-Related aspects that can be improved or can be added: different game modes, more question types, or other topics.

As of right now, (Saturday, 18:00) these feature are in development! We plan on completing as many as possible before the final deadline.

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