Sales and Customer service IS HARD!

People spend thousands of dollars in Sales and Customer service to understand see what is happening with their deals and customers. 59.2% of companies have a dedicated sales enablement initiative or function. Sales managers and specialists spend thousands of hours manually examining calls for many representatives for signs of customer dissatisfaction and the capabilities of their representatives. This is extremely inefficient. Sales leaders are compelled by these concerns to expand their awareness of new threats and new opportunities to develop their own competitive advantage. These same sales leaders are also concerned with the accelerated rate of change that’s occurring in their business. In the "2017 World Class Sales Practices Study", over 70% of respondents indicated that the rate of change in “customer expectations” and “competitive activity” was increasing noticeably or significantly.

So we built Convocal.

Convocal lets sales and customer service reps monitor their communications skills via AI-powered sentiment analysis.

We leveraged powerful APIs by Google to build this platform.

NOTE: This project needs google cloud credentials to run. These credentials have not been put on the repository for security reasons.

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