You must have a weather app installed on your smartphone, but how many times did you forget to bring your umbrella or wear a rain jacket or rain boots for the days when it was supposed to rain? Probably a lot. So did we. Wthr is aimed to change that! The app will send you a funny mms in case weather is going to drastically change and remind you to dress up appropriately.

The web app was hacked in 36 hours during HackPrinceton 2014.

How to run the app
  • Install all python requirements (it is advised to create virtualenv first). Run our requirements.txt file as follows: python pip install -r requirements.txt
  • Run run.py file python python run.py
  • View the app by opening your browser and navigating to http://localhost:5000
  • Have fun!
Still TODO
  • write function to notify existing user of weather changes
  • provide ability to change cities
  • learn how to put the site on external server

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