Being a designated driver is rarely categorized as a fun job. However, it is a job that should never be overlooked. As college students, we have all been there for our friends when they were otherwise incapacitated and desperately needed the help of a sober friend. With “Designated,” a DD’s friends - and participating local restaurants- can reward them for their actions.

The app itself has a number of features that make it very intuitive, easy to use and professional in its implementation. A Facebook API makes for an easy one-click sign up. Bitcoins and Venmo make it easy to pay and reward your friends for their help. The Google maps API makes it easy to look up nearby restaurants that are offering discounts and rewards to designated drivers. This functionality will increase the likelihood of individuals finding a DD. Our app features a robust functionality as well as a responsive design. In our minds, Designated not only rewards designated drivers, it incentives them.

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