Mood Tracker

Custom Alexa Skill that allows users to record and track their emotions

Project: Mood Tracker with Amazon Alexa

Team members: Natasha Thakur, Nathan Scoglio, Michelle Huntley

Tools and Environments: AWS Lambda, Alexa Skills Kit, Node.js


Our goal of this project was to provide users with a convenient and comfortable way of managing and keeping track of their emotions. It can be difficult for people to maintain good mental health due to busy lifestyles, discomfort with discussing emotions with other humans, and confusion due to their overwhelming emotional complexity.

Overview and Functionalities

Our project uses the AWS Lambda Function and Alexa Skills Kit to program a Mood Tracker skill for Amazon's personal assistant Alexa. The skill allows the user to log timestamps for whatever particular emotions they are currently feeling. The emotions are from four main categories: happy, sad, angry, indifferent. The user invokes the intent to log the emotion by the utterance "I'm feeling {Mood}". In addition, the user can ask Alexa to read off a log of all timestamps for a specific emotion by the utterance "Timestamps for {Mood}". This allows the user to see the pattern of what emotions they have been feeling up to that point, so that they may better manage them and provide this information to a doctor or therapist. The user can also prompt Alexa for a listing of what ratio of emotions they have been feeling among the four main categories by the utterance "How have I been?".

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