This is my first hackathon and I have never coded a game or any graphics at all in Python so wanted to learn something new. I love video games so I made a game mimicking Legend of Zelda but with references to other games and satirical/sarcastic comedy regarding certain interactions.

What it does

This game mimics a platformer's motion physics, allows for exploration and interaction with certain elements of the environment, and displays introductory graphics rendering.

How I built it

Using Python 3.6.4 and pygame, and the functions available in those two, I built the game almost from scratch.

Challenges I ran into

Physics are very hard to write from scratch especially when you don't want to use anyone else's libraries.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I managed to create a short, working game which although has very minimal interaction/action, was more than I expected to make when I came here yesterday.

What I learned

I learned how to use pygame and make quite a fun game, at least in my opinion.

What's next for HackPoly2018 - Definitely Not a Zelda Game

I wanted to write some short audio tracks for the different zones in my game and sound effects for different interactions but a lack of experience and knowledge in coding games led to a lack of time for that. I would also like to clean up the code because it is poorly written.

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