I visited a lot of the sponsor tables at the event, and had lots of informative and engaging conversation with representatives. There were employees ranging from the financial to the entrepreneurial sectors who were extremely enthusiastic about chatting and helping participants. The app was inspired from their high spirits, but also an unexpected circumstance that arose on Saturday.

Originally, my team's plan was to create an app that mirrored the idea behind Tinder, a popular dating app amongst Millennials. It was meant to find potential team members at hackathons! I received a lot of positive feedback from fellow hackers and mentors. However, my team realized that it was beyond the scope of our skill levels soon after we began detailing the technical specifications of the app. It was our first hackathon actually participating, and we underestimated the complexity of creating such an app.

I wanted to participate in the hackathon somehow, so I began working on this app on Sunday. It includes the list of sponsors and penguins falling down the screen! Hopefully it is a charming representation of the environment of PennApps to those both inside and outside of the event.

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