HackPass is your global passport for Hackathons

Typical use case (for a Hackathon Organiser)

  1. The organiser creates an event using MyMLH, MLH's official event creation tool.
  2. When applications are closed, the organiser uses HackPass to automatically import the users to the platform.
  3. The organiser now has a view of all attendees, and can send a broadcast message via Twilio to individuals or the entire cohort.
  4. Now that the organiser has a clear collection of all attendees, many more features can be added on demand.

Typical use case (for an attendee)

  1. The attendee signs up to an MLH event using MyMLH.
  2. The attendee gets a HackPass profile, which generates a QR code, for things like entry to event, etc.
  3. Attendees, mentors, and organisers can scan the QR code to get information on an attendee, like their LinkedIn, GitHub, etc.
  4. The attendee can receive texts via Twilio when food is ready, etc. And push notifications (coming soon)
  5. We have the power to add many other features, such as searching for team members based on LinkedIn endorsements, uploading CVs for companies to view, bump to share contact, etc. There's so much we could add.

Written In

  • NodeJS
  • Mongoose (MongoDB)
  • Adobe Illustrator/Photoshop
  • Sass/CSS/HTML5
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