We were inspired to create HackParty after extensive first-hand experience with the cumbersome nature of assembling a hackathon team on other social media platforms like Facebook, which were not expressly designed for that purpose.

What it does

HackParty provides users with the ability to keep track of the hackathons they plan on attending as well as ways of getting in contact with other attendees ahead of time via email. HackParty allows users to advertise their skills and passions, as well as to quickly and efficiently view the same information about their fellow hackers.

How we built it

HackParty is a web app built in JavaScript, HTML5, and Python, with user information stored using Google's firebase database service.

Challenges we ran into

Integrating the remote database correctly into the Python/JavaScript app we produced and making sure that the components written in different languages interacted properly with one another.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Successfully integrating the remote database, finishing one of the largest software projects any of us have ever undertaken.

What we learned

How to interact with Google's firebase software remotely with JavaScript and Python, how to use the Flask library effectively in web development, and a whole lot about front-end web development.

What's next for HackParty

There are a large number of features we'd like to add in the future. We envision a HackParty that not only provides users with the means of contacting each other via email but directly integrates an interuser messaging service to make scheduling even easier. We'd also like to integrate machine learning algorithms that would allow HackParty to competently recommend teammates based on hackathon attendance and complementary skills.

We will be also putting this on or soon too!

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