One of the mentors from SendGrid at PennApps X told us that he lost his backpack last year at PennApps. This inspired us to create something that is simple to use for the end consumer. This small product can be placed in a backpack, piece of luggage, or purse. All you need is a smartphone with bluetooth. This anti-theft device can be used by anyone anywhere. An accelerometer supplies data for its X, Y and Z axis. Using the standard deviation of sets of five data groupings taken each second, we are able to find the threshold for the device to be considered moving, and most importantly, being shaken. Once the Arduino, bluetooth powered, device is considered shaking or moving, the user is prompted with the option to either continue tracking or detach from the bluetooth device. A user would detach the device because the device is in the backpack that is currently being watched or on the user. The bluetooth module has a range of 30 feet. If the device is disconnected because of range the user is notified on his or her phone almost immediately. Within a second of coming back into range the device's procedure is to automatically connect to the user once again, keeping the users possessions safe. The Hackpack can also use community of users to help find ones device by coming in range of the bluetooth device. The Hackpack is not only going to change the world but it is also bringing people together to find ones bags.

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