We aim to push back serious threat to our society i.e. Child sexual abuse which has been growing day by day and hindering a child’s growth. Even, it may cease a country’s growth because children are the building blocks of any country.Our concern is secure our children and find an effective solution to prevent child sexual abuse. Child Sexual Abuse

Saviour uses a 3D cartoon character which interacts with child in the most comfortable and friendly manner.It is observed that children always dream of having a cartoon character to be their best friend in reality.

The augmented character asks some predefined questions specifically designed to know the mental state of a child whether he or she would be suffering from any severe dilemma or is being molested by someone in his/ her surrounding.

The main aim is to know hidden reality of a child’s mindset which not only assists parents to know a harsh reality. Moreover, it helps to prevent any further sexual harassment with the child as all the responses would be recorded by the app.

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