To promote the importance of sexual health and its discussion in everyday conversation.


Our project hopes to solve two existing problems concerning sexual health and education in our society. First, although sex plays a large part in most teenagers' and adults' wellbeing, a credible sexual education is difficult to find both online and offline. Second, although more schools are increasingly realizing the importance of such education, there is still a lack of communication between them and sexual health resources. Through this project, we hope to demystify sex, provide reliable sexual health education, and tap on the synergy among these institution by encouraging them to access articles and comment on forums.

What it does

This project was bootstrapped with the ReactJS framework. Its various routes lead users to articles, resources and an anonymous forum where users can discuss various topics of sexual health. The responsive and interactive design allows those of all ages and genders to explore the site.

Using the Google Places API, users can search for clinics near their location as well as those nearby other specified locations.

A unique feature of Tendr is that users are encouraged to freely interact with each other on our forum. This is enabled by integrating the NodeBB into the React application.

To run the application in production mode, run the following script in the repo directory:

npm start
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