Our inspiration for this app came from the elderly people in our lives. As we noticed our parents and grandparents struggling with distinguishing their numerous medications and pills, we wanted to help increase convenience in their health and we believe this app will help in their day to day lives.

We used python as our back-end language, and Swift to build the front-end iOS app. We developed our back-end to talk to the database we set up to handle our data storage. We used X-Code and Sketch to design our front-end app. We did most of the calculations and processing in python.

Our original app was designed to help with pill recognition. Because many pills are small and look similar, it can be difficult as well as dangerous for those who cannot clearly distinguish between two different pills. Using opencv in python, we hope to help those in need of it. However, due to computer restrictions and lack of time, we were not able to fully implement this into our app. Although we do not have the ability to tell the difference between the pills yet, we are planning on incorporate this feature in the near future. Through the use of computer vision, we are able to enhance and enlarge the text and numbers found on the pill. This is still a massive improvement over the faint writing found to the naked eye.

We decided to build an app around this idea to compliment it, however, due to multiple re-organizations and lack of time, our front end does function as we hope it does.

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