HackNYU 2018 - Japanese Chatbot


JapanBot is a chatbot meant to teach Japanese language beginners the basics of hiragana and katakana, and allow them to read a significant amount of Japanese, and write any Japanese word that they learn in a way which can be understood by every Japanese speaker.


We designed JapanBot because having spent some time in college learning Japanese, we noticed that the process of learning to write kana was mostly rote memorization. Having a fun and interesting way of learning makes the task much easier.

Built With:

BotUI and NodeJS.


Steve Kraft https://github.com/steven-kraft

Noah Eng https://github.com/jdmnoah

Sean Hill https://github.com/seanwhill

Josh Coneby https://github.com/jmconeby

Made at HackNYU 2018

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