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Application to help visually challenged people. Imagine, how difficult is day to day life for visulaly challenged people, despite their physical challenges they manage to succed in their own ways, so we decided to do some special web application for such people which would make their lives better.

We as a team of 4 people namely Harshul (hj1393@nyu.edu), Tanya (ts3813@nyu.edu) , Darren (darrenzhang200027@gmail.com, Sai Likhith Kanuparthi (slk522@nyu.edu), worked hard for almost 36 hours at streak for developing a web application using the technologies like computer vision, natural language processing and serverless computing.

Our application is of two parts as of now: Part 1: Speech recognition for browser navigation Part 2: OCR implementation to help visually impaired get the text from data.

Part1 : Speech Recognition for application navigation:

Since, it's very difficult for visually challenged people to operate computers, we developed the built-in speech recognition for our application which would help the user to navigate through our application.

Part2: OCR implementation and text to speech conversion:

This technology would help the specially aided people by reading out loud the things they say.

Instructions to setup

1. virualenv venv
2. source venv/bin/activate
3. pip install -r requirements.txt
4. python app.py
5. go to http://localhost:8000


Harshul Jain
Sai Likhith
Tanya Sah

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