Usually, the hardest thing about cooking is figuring out what you want to make. At the grocery store or at home, you're provided with many ingredients but have no idea what to do with them. Because of this, we developed Foodify, a chat bot that receives inputs that are either strings or images and uses that information to generate recipes through the ingredients that you've chosen.

What it Does

Through the use of Twilio, we were able to receive inputs from the user through text. The user would text the chat bot images of ingredients or names of ingredients. The ingredients would then be processed through Clarifai's api and return the names of the ingredients that were given to it. After the ingredient names were determined, using the food2fork api we received the top 3 results for recipes that include all the ingredients mentioned. The information is then processed and a text message with the name of the recipe and the url is sent to the user.

How we Built it

We used Twilio to receive and send inputs from the user, Clarifai's API was used to process images and convert them into text, and Food2Fork's API was used to provide us with recipes to search through

Challenges we Ran Into

  1. Prior to the Hackathon, we have never worked with Twilio and Clarifai's API's. Because of this, at first we were confused and a bit overwhelmed with what was provided to us. However, thanks to good documentation and guides, we managed to overcome this issue and create an application

Accomplishments We're Proud Of

  1. A working product
  2. Gaining new skills with python and APIs

What We've Learned

We've learned to use APIs and work with databases

What's Next

We want to be able to recognize a larger variety of ingredients in the future and reduce the time it takes to process and return images to the user

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