NUSMods - Modified with CORSAI

A fork of NUSMods with an automatic timetable arranging function. Just what you always wanted! Just click the Generate Timetable button on the home page, and choose your options!

Setup with Vagrant



$ pip install ansible
$ vagrant up

Once it's up, do a vagrant ssh to enter the development environment.

Setup without Vagrant



Install the necessary packages.

$ npm install -g bower grunt-cli
$ npm install
$ bower install

If you are working on news.php, make a copy of /app/config/secrets.json.example in the same directory and call it secrets.json. Add your Facebook App credentials into the file secrets.json.

Building for Development

$ grunt serve

Building for Production

To get a complete, minified, production build under dist/:

$ grunt

Alternatively, a version that ignores jshint warnings:

$ grunt build

Deploying to Production

Change the host in the production inventory file provisioning/production and execute the Ansible playbook against it:

$ ansible-playbook provisioning/production.yml -i provisioning/production

Working with the NUSMods API

NUSMods is set up to work with the remote API at by default. To work with a local copy of the API:

$ git submodule update --init
$ cd api
$ npm install
$ grunt

The development server serves the files generated in api/app/api under /api/, so change baseUrl under app/config/application.json to point to /api/.

Optional Dependencies

  • PHP for export, URL shortening, redirect and Facebook API proxy scripts.
  • YOURLS for URL shortening.
  • wkhtmltopdf and wkhtmltoimage for pdf and image export. Using the static binaries is suggested, as compiling with all the features of the static build needs a custom patched version of QT, which takes a long time to build.
  • Facebook PHP SDK for Facebook API proxy.
  • To install the PHP dependencies, simply do: bash $ composer install


Copyright (c) 2016 NUS Modifications. Licensed under the MIT license.

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