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tutor is a continuation hack perfected by Sam Lyon and Riya Sharma. tutor serves as a simple platform for people to either seek help from others or offer help to others. tutor aims to stand in and enhance the normally present learning communities. we built tutor as we found ourselves and our fellow students lacking the focused education which comes from schools because of covid-19, and felt that none of the current options for virtual learning platforms did enough to accommodate the personalization required for an effective education. tutor is a platform where students can find volunteers to help them learn, or volunteer their time, if they so choose. tutor doesn't seek to replace the existing virtual learning platforms as much as it seeks to create more personalized learning experiences through those platforms, creating a high-demand network, and taking pressure off of schools to be the ones who build that network.

why tutor?

  • simple interface for creating and finding posts
  • easy way to find connections to other platforms
  • chat feature (if you really need to...)
  • posts are in markdown- help enhance your teaching by making use of markdown's easy to learn, lightweight formatting -language filter- choose a language when you create your account, and you'll see posts from that language. want to learn another language? maybe make an account in spanish! you'll learn two skills for the (free) price of one!

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  • special thanks to hailey ho for helping with the original implementation of this project.

thanks for reading!

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