Grocery Order Suggestions by Recipe (G.O.S.R.) App Build

Hack NC 2018 Grocery Suggestion App We created this project with the intention of demoing our concept for a grocery ordering app (such as Amazon Fresh or Harris Teeter's app) that could analyze what was currently placed in your cart and suggest (possibly sponsored) recipes the user could already make or could make within only a few more grocery items. Our app suggests a list of recipes that the user has all, or within 2 ingredients of, the necessary ingredients to be able to make recipes we suggest. If the user is 2 items or less away from being able to have all the ingredients for a recipe, we present the user with a one click button to automatically fill their cart with the remaining items. We wanted this app to demonstrate how the concept of suggestive selling mixed with the ease of ordering groceries based on specific recipes could allow modern grocery retailers to more effectively win users away from meal plan services like BlueApron by having our app be just as convenient for giving users exactly the items they would need to make delicious recipes.

Built With

  • java
  • model-view-controller
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