Too poor to afford a dog? Keep forgetting to feed your neopets? Try our pet rock simulator! It's guaranteed to bring you all the fun of pet ownership, without the responsibility or fun!

What it does

Our state-of-the-art rock simulation allows you to do exciting things such as looking at your pet rock and taking it for a walk! By using the arrow keys you and your new friend can go out on an adventure!

How we built it

Our app is hand coded in a combination of HTML, CSS and Javascript! Each line was carefully written to ensure maximum customer satisfaction!

Challenges we ran into

We were too busy admiring our rock to put in any additional features.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Our simulator mimics the exact behavior of a REAL pet rock.

What we learned

How to slap together a website in about a half-hour!

What's next for HackNC2016

Rock Simulator 2: 2 Pet rocks!

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