BlueMix Image Sorter

Image sorting application built at the 2016 HackNC held at the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, NC

What it does

This is a simple java desktop application that can organize your photo album by sorting them into categories. Suppose you have an album with pictures of people, cars, landscapes, and animals, it will create a folder for each of these categories and copy the pictures to the respective folders.

Technologies/API used

The application uses a simple java Swing GUI. It connects with the IBM BlueMix Visual Recognition web service to get the categories for the pictures and sorts them on level 1 classification. Application can be extended to have more in depth structuring by using level 2 and level 3 classifications for giving more accurate object categories.

Challenges faced

It was our first time trying IBM Bluemix and it consumed most of our time. But soon after understanding its structure, we started working on our project. We had multiple ideas in mind to use bluemix to its maximum extent, but for this project we limited ourselves because of time constraints.

Team Members

Aswin Anil Kumar, NC State University
Bhavya Bansal, NC State University
Chris Brown, NC State University
Megha Umesha, NC State University

Built With

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