Balancing a budget is difficult in the best of times, and we now live in an age where its so easy to spend a lot more than you planned while shopping online. Amazon and Ebay don't make it convenient to filter results by price ranges, so that they can try and get you to see similar products that cost a little more than your budget. What if those results could be filtered out so that they're out of sight and out of mind?

What it does

Kuber consists of the following parts: A mobile app that integrates with your CapitalOne account and monitors your account balance, as well as allows you to specify your spending limits.

A Chrome extension that filters your results based on your spending limits, in one click.

An API that lets the two communicate and also provides login authentication.

How I built it

We split the work into 3 main modules Javascript and HTML based Chrome Extension, that checks the URL and modifies it to filter results on request. An Android Studio/ Java/ MP Charts based Mobile app that lets you to have the budget handler at your hand. JAVA/Servlets is used for the API development on the server, along with MySQL for the RDBMS which is the sole database for our app users.

Challenges I ran into

Had a lot of issues using AWS. A lot of time was spent in trying to get it to work but due to a server side issue or possibly a permissions issue we were unable to deploy the app as we had planned.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

This application has a lot of separate functionalities and features. 24 hrs to reach so far in this project is an accomplishment for our team. We learnt the true meaning of working under pressure of deadline and to come up with a better idea and code.

What I learned

Learned that team work is very effective and full of learning.

What's next for Kuber App - A money savings and tracking application, with a suggestions system to help people manage their money better using data analytics.

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