Hackmon it comes from Pokémon and 2077, trying to create a web3 hacker dream

What it does

use nextjs+rainbowkit+colyseus+phaser+wagmi+supabase+alchemy api

Large-scale multiplayer role-playing games can obtain money or enhance equipment equipment by fighting the enemy.

How we built it

We use Chainlink Any API to synchronize the user's game data to the chain, and use Chainlink VRF to randomly obtain bonus equipment.On the other hand, it also uses Any API + Automation to synchronize the game data of all players, so that every player can verify it on the chain

Challenges we ran into

supabase is learning while doing it. The game also adds a multiplayer system. In the future, we plan to fight against players. We wrote some contracts for the trading market, but we haven't finished it yet.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We finished it in a short time, and also found the chain self -inspection system composed of Any API+Automation, so that players can play with confidence, and will not have the problem of losing central data like FTX.

What we learned

I wrote 4 warehouses. I will have hand in all the processes. The work ability is more comprehensive. For the first time, I used Supabase. It feels very good.

What's next for hackmon

  1. Add more story plots and maps.
  2. Creat a marketplace which will low taxes and fast transactions and may also have AMA exchanges
  3. Players' equipment can be synthesized to generate rare props
  4. Add PVP mode
  5. Lower the entry threshold to let more web2 users can play the game

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