Team: Uriel Guajardo, Viktor Urvantsev, Summer Vo, Sarah Vu

Created: 9/14/19

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What exactly are we doing?

We are building communities by connecting people together for common objectives. By enabling local event organizers to advertise volunteering roles, people can easily learn about new opportunities and cool events that they can help out with. These events come as projects (long term commitment) or one-time events (such as a speaker), so there are varying levels of commitment that can be personalized for potential volunteers.

Our web app also allows people to find events in their interest from academic to social events in their local area! Volunteering opportunities just within their reach. Users can also learn about organizations and programs that they might want to get further involved in too.

Since many of our teammates are also part of student groups on campus that run educational programs, we have all experienced the need for one-off volunteers, speakers, and experts to come in for one time for an hour or so. We have also worked with students with great ideas to help their community, but have no support or ways to get started. Since we as students are not local, it's a lot harder to get their ideas of the ground (such as a bike/car safety workshop for their community).

How does it work?

We personalize the dashboard to present events that are within the user's interest. Our first user is community organizers, who are restricted by members of local organizations and students registered through their school. Our second user is local volunteers, who will have to verify information that they want to put on their profile such as occupation.

We keep their accounts anonymous, so that all users can comfortably browse opportunities and reach out to organizers or volunteers based solely on their profile. We will alert the user through their email about any relevant events that are in their area that they might be interested in getting involved in.

What Skills would I need?

Any skillset. There are tons of roles that need to be filled and you can find the right fit for you while helping your community out!

What kinds of events are advertised?

A wide variety can be presented through out platform. Anything from school outreach events to educational courses hosted at local libraries to building homes.

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