Our Project - CounterPoint

What: To hack for a social good, we created a website that uses GoogleCloud's AI services to bridge the divide, whether the debate is political or scientific!

How: You give our site a link to an article that you agree with(ex. a FoxNews Anti climate-change article) and we use natural language processing to give back relevant articles that represent different views on the topic! We use Google's NLP api services to analyze the article, extract keywords and determine the article's viewpoint, and then we use Google's custom search api to find relevant articles that defend agreeing, opposing, and neutral viewpoints!

There's more! If you read an article that changed your mind or opened you to a new viewpoint, mark it with a delta. Deltas will help us sort which articles were most effective in making people think.

Who: For people who want to listen to both sides of the debate and make informed decisions for themselves.

## Technologies Google NLP and Custom Search API Flask Python Vue.js


  • Front end development
  • determining viewpoint and keywords from the article
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