Democratizing Property Investments

StakeTogether.org is a website which connects everyday investors to purchase rental properties together.

Currently, investing in real estate requires significant capital and involves taking on large liabilities via loans. This discourages all but the wealthiest investors from purchasing rental properties. Stake Together allows anyone to easily invest in real estate.

StakeTogether highlights properties for sale which are the best bang for your buck. Investors then pledge a partial investment on the properties they choose. Once a property has enough pledged, StakeTogether buys and manages the property on behalf of the investors.

Rent revenue is paid proportionally back to the investors, with a small percentage withheld for property management fees and a renovation fund.


StakeTogether aims to remove barriers to real estate investing. By doing so, we hope to increase the supply of rental properties available in high-margin housing markets, driving down rental costs for consumers.

By pushing the rental market towards more affordable options, StakeTogether gives access to both affordable housing, and profitable investing.


  • Python
  • Pandas
  • AWS EC2 & RDS
  • Flask
  • Postgres
  • React
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