Science UP's focus is to improve undergraduate research by better connecting mentor and mentee. SUP is a web-application that promotes collaboration by integrating schedules, messaging, and document sharing into a unified workspace. Inspiration for SUP comes from personal research experiences. In the lab, some of our team members have noticed a lack in connection with their mentors due to the use of multiple platforms - email, dropbox, text messaging. Files and messages are shared individually on these services, potentially making the research process more difficult due to disorganization. As student researchers, we have identified specific tools that we feel will optimize our time in the lab and connection with our mentors.

Features: Check In Integrates the Yo. API to notify mentors in real-time when the student reaches the lab. This is a simple method that pushes a notification to a mentor's mobile device. Mentors will find this useful so that they are aware of when students are working in the lab.

Documents Integrates the Dropbox Saver API to allow users to upload research files to their dropbox. Mentors and students can share lab data, notes, and relevant journal articles seamlessly.

Messaging Why use email? They get lost. Messaging is a simpler and direct forum which displays conversation between members of the same lab group. Users are openly able to ask and answer questions, as well as discuss issues regarding the study. Each message is chronologically ordered with the newest messages appearing first. This is a quick and easy way to communicate with everyone in the lab group.

Student Roster Administrative feature for mentors that displays a list of student profiles associated with their lab group.


Visit: science-up.appspot.com

Science-Up "SUP" is a collaborative datasharing app for mentors and students that is currently a work in progress. Developed at HackMIT 2014.

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