According to a new study, COVID-19 stay-at-home orders have had a negative impact on health behaviors, including sleep quality, physical activity, weight maintenance, and consumption of sweets.

What it does

We decided to create an app in which people can use to keep track of their daily activities and that will help people get motivated to maintain a healthy and active lifestyle.

How we built it

To build our webpage, we focused heavily on the design of the website to ensure an alignment between the website design, its purpose, and its functionality. From there, we divided up the tasks based on our level of comfortability and expertise, keeping well in mind that we will need to come together when issues arise in each of the sections.

Challenges we ran into

Having low technical background has a major challenge. Two of our teammates were supply chain majors and one of us was a sophomore so making the website involved a lot of self-learning to figure out how everything works

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Despite the struggles, having overcome all of the challenges while coming up with a very good-looking webpage is an accomplishment as of itself. Even more importantly, the new amount of information we've learned about web development is beyond amazing. For example, setting up an MYSQL database and setting it up on Azure isn't something we are taught to do, and figuring everything out all by ourselves (with help) was a lovely experience

What we learned

There's a lot to be mentioned in this section. From the basics of HTML to styling with CSS and scripting with javascript to configuring the databases on MySQL and purchasing cloud to store our database and making it all connect was a challenging task to accomplish. We made a lot of mistakes and there were a lot of things that we weren't able to accomplish, given the time. That's when the decision-making skills came into play to make the best out of a situation while learning along the way.

What's next for HackMISSO - Team 4 Submission (Prompt #3)

There's a lot that can be done. Here are a few things that we could improve for our website:

  1. Faster web performance
  2. Transition from Javascript to the databases
  3. Create more comprehensive profiles for users for better interactivity and engagement
  4. Reward system to further motivate healthy lifestyles
  5. Expand on the point system and allow users to add more scientifically proven beneficial activities
  6. Share progress with friends and family members through social media (community engagement)

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