To improve technical and communication skills with a collaborative team

What it does

Host a static website and database in the cloud

How we built it

Figma, Wordpress, Amazon Web Services, Amazon RDS, Amazon EC2, AirTable

Challenges we ran into

Learning curve, complex steps to complete, team dynamics and specific skill sets

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Streamlining the static website into the cloud

What we learned

Using low-code website building, low-code database platform, cloud hosting services, cloud database services, and prototyping tools to enhance website design, navigability, and intuitiveness. Ensuring seamless communication with customers through the use of AirTable, enhancing data integrity and reducing consistency issues, and efficient feedback on customer inquiries, complaints, and feedback. Using AirTable to visualize data for upper-level management to decide strategic business decisions. Improved the scalability, security, and reliability of the website and database to increase overall functionality.

What's next for HackMISSO Premade Team Won

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