When I started attending hackathons, I didn't know where I could find resources that can help me get started for the event, I didn't know what Tech Stacks and tools I could use for my project. The internet is vast and has all the information available about all this but It takes a lot of time to find these hackathon-specific resources.

This inspired me to build HackMate - Your hackathon buddy!

What it does

HackMate is a platform with well-curated hackathon-specific resources spread across various categories which can help first-time hackers or even regular hackers for that matter to get started with their project! HackMate has the following well documented and curated resources: -

  • Tutorials - List of awesome tutorials to fast track your learning to build cool projects for hackathons!
  • APIs - List of super cool APIs you can use in your projects.
  • Frameworks - Frameworks and libraries available to integrate.
  • Analytics - Analytics tools and libraries that can be used to make projects data-centric.
  • Colors - Get inspiration for color palettes that you can use in your project!
  • Starter-Kits - List of started kits that can be used to get a jump start in your project journey!
  • Winning Projects - List of winning projects from various hackathons that can inspire you can give you the motivation you need!

How I built it

HackMate is built using ReactJs, NodeJS and Datastax astra

Challenges I ran into

Integrating Datastax astra into the project was little challenging!

Accomplishments that I am proud of

Building a project that will benefit the hacker community and newbie hackers is something that I am proud of

What's next for HackMate

Adding more resources and making the project open source so that other hackers can add resources to this platform as well!

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